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Sterling Cheeseboard

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Traditional styled cheese board with a modern twist. Stainless inset blade held in place with magnets. Rustic and practical finish with handle and leatherette hanging strap. Acacia wood is known for its unique and natural contrasting patterns, no two units are identical. Presented in a premium book style gift package.



Iris Cup

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The Iris Cup is nothing short of fantastical, embodying all that is colourful and brilliant. Changing colour based on heat, the Iris Cup is unlike any other drinkware product on the market, exhibiting a unique and stylish energy for your brand.


Mercedes Power Bank

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With its quirky, practical design, the Mercedes power bank reimagines the potential of portable chargers. It’s exquisite smooth surface allows for an unparalleled clarity of branding, and multiple ports exemplifying convenience.


Relax Candle - Small

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Known to provide exquisite, ambient lighting and reduce stress, our Relax Candles collection is irresistible. Whether you want something small and subtle, or large yet delicate, the Relax Candles come in all sizes to suit your brand. Crafted of frosted glass and paired with a beautiful bamboo lid, the candles are sophisticated products and offer pristine...



OBI Bluetooth Speaker

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Perfectly petite, yet sensationally strong, this Bluetooth Speaker is nothing short of exceptional. Accompanied by a personalised gift box, the speaker has it all: a sleek, sophisticated design, convenient sizing ideal for an on-the-go lifestyle and the projection of powerful, premium sound with a built in subwoofer. Showcasing an air of modernism, the...




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Bring your brand to the height of technology and fashion. Drifters reimagine convenience and style in their sleek design, promising your brand the modern edge it deserves. With an artistic yet contemporary gift box to accompany, immerse yourself in vibrant, colourful sound; listen, love, drift away


10 Litre Outdoor Dry Bag


Midas Bottle

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Sophisticated and chic, the Midas Bottle encapsulates a classic refinement designed to make a statement in style. Give your company a suave edge with the modern look of aluminium and branding that’s nothing short of premium.”



Summit Kit

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Feel prepared for anything with the new Summit Kit. Containing everything in a standard first-aid kit, the Summit Kit will assure your confidence and readiness in any situation. A distinguished product for a unique spin on your branding.



Zap Pack (5,000mAh)

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Presenting a revolutionary, convenient, and powerful charging pack. Holding up to 5,000mAh, this plastic pack guarantees quality charge on-the-go, allowing you to make full use of your phone and maintain your productivity and efficiency throughout the day. Premium branding is another feature of this product, with a clean, smooth surface available for both...


Telescopic Stainless Steel Straw

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In today's environmentally aware society, the Telescopic Stainless-Steel Straw stands as an important tool in branding your business. Featuring a silicone tip and attached to a plastic clip for ease in transportation, the straw is highly convenient in its telescopic build and exists as a trending product in modern industry. We are the straw experts, talk...



Ovo Charging Dock

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Maintain a sophisticated beauty right down to your phone charger. With a sleek, clean and contemporary design, the Ovo is not only an exemplar wireless charging dock, but provides a fast-charging experience. Modern elegance and brilliant practicality, the Ovo has it all.

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