Decoration Methods explained.


Blind Stamp or Deboss Blind stamping, also known as debossing, is where an image is pushed into the surface of an item such as a bag, compendium, travel wallet or wine carrier, and leaves a permanent impression in the surface. Items made from genuine leather will blind stamp best.


Foil Stamp A foil stamp is a permanent image on the surface of an item and looks shiny, glossy and smooth. Generally, promotional items can be foil stamped in gold, silver or black or a limited range of other metallic colors. Foil stamping can be done on most items made from leather, vinyl or PU as well as onto card, paper and plastics.


Embroidery Mostly used on apparel, caps and bags, artwork is digitized and applied to the product by a computerized sewing machine, resulting in the logo being applied to the product with a series of colored threads.


Etch Logos are etched onto glass or crystal products. A photographic process prepares a film mask which is etched into the product.


Mock Etch Ink is applied directly to the surface of the product giving an etched look to glass or crystal product.


Laser Engrave Used on metal/silver products – such as metal pens, desk accessories, travel mugs and some wooden and leather products. A laser burns the surface of the product to reveal the logo.

Pad Print The logo is printed directly onto the surface of the product. Up to 4 colors can be applied depending on the complexity of the logo. Can be applied to metal, glass, leather, PU and stainless steel products.


Plastisol Transfer Best used for spot color or 4 color process with intricate artwork. Artwork is printed onto paper and applied to the product using heat pressure – best for apparel, bags, caps and towels.

Digital Transfer Print Digital transfer printing can achieve photographic-style reproduction in full color on t-shirts and many other types of garments. The process can be quite cost-effective, even in smaller quantities.


Screen Print Used for products such as apparel, leather, PU products and umbrellas, your logo is printed in your corporate colors using a screen – logos can be printed in 4 or more colors depending on the surface of the product.


Rotary Screen Print Similar to screen printing but uses a cylinder instead of a flat screen – providing continuous printing around the products. Works best on items which are equal in diameter across the length/height of the product.


Sublimation Print Dye transfer process where the image is dyed permanently into the material surface. Used to imprint messages, graphics and photographs on a variety of items, primarily mouse pads, mugs, stubby coolers, garments and bar mats.


Badges Custom badging is a fantastic decoration method to create a premium promotional product. You can customize the badge to your logo and choose from a variety of styles to suit. Badges can be created to almost any shape, size, color and finish. Available in metal, rubber and appliqué/fabric patch.


Resin Domes Featuring a clear epoxy dome applied over a high grade paper or vinyl that has an adhesive backing. Resin domes reproduce your brand and protect it with a thick, lustrous, polyurethane cover providing longevity and full 4 color process branding.


Flocking Flock is the most durable heat transfer made in Australia, and can be printed in any PMS color or combination of colors. The velvet like finish is especially suitable for use by the fashion industry, and for any application requiring a high pile long-lasting finish. Suitable for most fabrics and highly recommended for school uniforms, industrial clothing, sportswear, or where hard-wearing print is required.